The Association of Deans & Directors of University Colleges & Undergraduate Studies is an organization of Deans and Directors, and their assistants and associates, from colleges or divisions that are enrollment units responsible for advising, as well as other programs and services focusing on the broad academic experiences of undergraduate students. It seeks to establish a community of professional colleagues and arranges meetings to address common problems of higher education as they relate to the mission of our colleges or divisions, to share ideas, to define issues, and to develop solutions.
  • AD&D offers both institutional and individual memberships.
  • Institutions may join the Association by paying a membership fee of $250.  This includes two contacts from the institution.
  • The annual renewal fee is $250.00.
  • Additional contacts from an institution can be listed as members for an additional $35 per person.
  • The program year runs from now: January 1 to December 31
Persons representing non-member institutions are also welcome to join and pay the individual dues of $135.
Our members reflect the following unit titles and areas of responsibility:
Typical Unit Titles
  • University College
  • Freshman College
  • General College
  • General Studies/ Lower Division
  • Junior Division
  • Basic Studies
  • Undergraduate Studies
  • University Studies 
Typical Unit Responsibilities
  • Enhancement of academic advising
  • Fostering opportunities for student involvement
  • Fostering relationships with faculty and staff
  • Development and operation of personal and academic support systems
  • Collection and dissemination of data about freshman
  • Support services for undeclared majors
  • Student orientation programs
  • Involvement in general education
  • Tutoring/supplemental instruction programs
  • Academic support services
  • Other student retention programs/services

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