AD&D Professional Development Opportunities

The Association of Deans and Directors of University Colleges and Undergraduate Studies aims to provide professional development opportunities for its members across the country. If you are interested in presenting on a particular topic, feel free to email our office at [email protected] with your presentation proposal. 

Upcoming AD&D Webinar - Wednesday, January 25, 2023 | 2:00pm - 3:00 pm EST

Topic: Supporting Advising for Student Success 

We all know that academic advising is key to student success–but that doesn’t mean that it is always easy to know how to do it well on our campuses!

Please come join a conversation with our colleagues Alvin Johnson (Prairie View A&M), Linda Maule (Indiana State), and Dan Turner (Indiana University) on January 25, 2023 from 2-3pm EST. We’ll address such questions as:

○     What administrative structures work best in different settings?

○     How centralized or decentralized should advising on your campus be?

○     What’s the right balance between face-to-face advising and online advising?

○     What should we do to support advisors’ professional development and career growth on your campus? (In other words, how can we retain our academic advisors?)



Recent AD&D Professional Development Programming

Our most recent sessions are available for AD&D Members on our member portal. Be sure to check out our recent recordings.

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