Secretary/Treasurer: Kweneshia Price

My name is Dr. Kweneshia Price. I am delighted and excited to serve as your Secretary and Treasurer of the 2023 Association of Deans & Directors of University College and Undergraduate Studies (AD&D). I learned about this phenomenal organization from my former supervisor, Dr. William R. Moultrie. He highly suggested I look into this organization for professional growth and a sense of belonging within the University College system. I have served in several capacities within University College since 2015 at North Carolina Central University, and I genuinely value the specialized model we provide through students' matriculation.

As an administrator, I have served as an educator, mentor, and coach to the students and colleagues I encounter. I am the Associate Dean for University College at North Carolina Central University; I support underrepresented students, academic support, and student success. I have served as an educator for the past ten years, where I have been able to support learners of all ages through authentic instruction and engagement to meet their diverse needs. My goal as a higher education practitioner is to continue advocating for students and provide them with the guidance, skills, and tools to succeed. That is precisely my goal, as I support the members of AD&D.

I look forward to serving on the Executive Board and am excited to support my leadership of the Association of Deans & Directors of University College and Undergraduate Studies 2023 – 2024!