Vice President: Kesha Reed

Welcome to the 2023-24 Academic Year!

It is with great enthusiasm that I serve as the 2023-24 President-Elect for AD&D. The 36th Annual Meeting in Denver was extremely engaging and I hope it re- energized all of us as we continue to do this work.  It was a pleasure chairing the Committee for the 36th Annual Meeting and I look forward to our continued connection and engagement throughout the year.
I currently serve as the Associate Vice Chancellor and Associate Dean for the Division of Academic and Student Affairs at NC State University in Raleigh, NC.  My portfolio includes Academic Advising Programs and Services, Exploratory Studies, Career Development Center, Disability Resource Office, Academic Success Center and Advising Technology. This is my twenty-fifth year as an educator with the last fifteen being in senior/executive leadership roles in higher education.  I have been a member of AD&D since 2017 and joining this organization has been instrumental in my development as a leader in Academic Affairs.
Being active with AD&D has allowed me to grow my network of committed professionals and has resulted in genuine connections both personally and professionally.  I have also formed great friendships! I am grateful for how this organization has provided a space for exchange, innovation and best practices to ensure success for all students on our various campuses.
It is my hope that you remain engaged, participate in our monthly professional development opportunities and reach out when a resource, idea or best practice is needed and/or worthy of sharing.  We invite you to share AD&D with your networks to help us expand and reach even more professionals who are doing impactful work to support the holistic needs of both students and professionals in our care. Thank you for being active and involved with AD&D. Together we can create an experience where we can all thrive.
Kesha. T. Reed, Ed.D.
NC State University